Trish and Pat McGrath photo
Sydney Irish histories

Interviewer: Ben Stephenson for National Library of Australia

Irish dancing has been at the centre of Trish McGrath’s life. … it’s a delight, it’s making music with your feet, it gets the blood up, and you feel yeah … if you can’t play a musical instrument there you go you can play music with your feet, you can dance away, it’s just absolutely brilliant. Continue reading “Trish McGrath”

Tomas de Bhaldraithe photo
Sydney Irish histories

Interviewer: Siobhán McHugh for National Library of Australia

Tomás de Bháldraithe was accustomed to the sounds of the Irish language before his official appearance into the world. His Dublin based family, in order to immerse themselves in an Irish speaking environment, used to holiday in the Gaeltacht of Connemara for three months every year. Continue reading “Tomás de Bháldraithe”