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Bloomsday 2016 Poster

The Gaelic Club is holding its sixth annual Bloomsday celebration on Thursday, 16 June 2016 from 6:30pm.

Bloomsday is an annual celebration that takes place in Dublin and throughout the world, commemorating the first great modernist novel, Ulysses, by James Joyce. In Dublin, folk dress up in period costume, and roam through the streets of Dublin listening to actors reading sections from the novel set in Dublin on 16 June 1908.

At the Gaelic Club, we celebrate this and other great modernist writers from Dublin with a cabaret-style evening, filled with actors reading passages from Ulysses, and other great Dublin literature, singing, music of the time, and even audience participation.

Every year we have a theme – last year on the 150th anniversary of W.B. Yeats birth, we celebrated the two great writers together. This year, the theme is ‘the gathering storm’. On the centenary of the Easter Rising, we look at the people of Dublin – as portrayed in Ulysses and in other writings – and the elements of society leading up to the ‘Rising’. Joyce never directly referred to it in his novels, but Ulysses is full of oblique references to what was happening in the Dublin he loved as he was writing the novel.

We hope to see you there on the night. Entry is free. There will be food available, and an opportunity to donate to the Irish National Association’s Public Cultural Fund, which makes this, and other events like it, possible.

Trish and Pat McGrath photo
Sydney Irish histories

Interviewer: Ben Stephenson for National Library of Australia

Irish dancing has been at the centre of Trish McGrath’s life. … it’s a delight, it’s making music with your feet, it gets the blood up, and you feel yeah … if you can’t play a musical instrument there you go you can play music with your feet, you can dance away, it’s just absolutely brilliant. Continue reading “Trish McGrath”